Do arrive early

Arrive to class at least 10 minutes before class is scheduled to start. This will allow you enough time to settle in, adjust to the room and a few minutes of mindful silence to get centered before class begins.

Do let your instructor know about any injuries or conditions.

Know child’s pose is always available to you! Let your instructor know of injuries before class so they can work with you on modifications. If a pose does not work in your body – skip it and discuss possible options after class.

Please enjoy mindful silence in the yoga room.

Please enter and leave the yoga room quietly to allow yourself and others time for mindful quiet time before and after class. The lounge area is right outside the yoga rooms – please use this area for visiting with your fellow yogis.

Bring a bottle of water, a mat and a towel if you have one.

The studio rents mats and towels and sells water in case you should need any of the items listed.

Please be mindful of other yoga students.

Do not wear heavy perfumes or colognes; recognize your chatter or anything that may be disruptive.

If you are a new student please arrive 15-20 minutes early.

This time will allow you to fill out your new student form, meet the instructor, inform him or her of any injuries and prepare for class.

Don’t bring cell phones to class.

Please leave all extra items, cell phones included, in a locker and not in the yoga room.

Don't push it

Try to come to class with an open mind. Let go of your expectations of yourself and others. Instead of trying to go as deeply or completely into a pose, do what works in your body. Try a loving attitude toward yourself to work from where you are each day, not where you think you should be.

Don’t eat two to three hours before class.

Practicing yoga on a full stomach is not recommended. If you eat before class avoid heavy foods.